About Thymotas

About Thymotas

Thymotas is a novel, patented research formulation of Thymoquinone that significantly Strengthens Immunity & Boosts recovery. Thymoquinone is an ideal adjuvant in high-risk individuals as it strengthens immunity.

Moreover, in these pandemic times, Thymoquinone is also an ideal adjuvant to standard COVID-19 treatment protocols as it boosts recovery.

Thymoquinone (Thymotas) is the active biological component of Nigella Sativa, [also known as Kalonji, Black Cumin (Kali Jeeri)]. There are various scientific publications available that prove Thymoquinone's multiple pharmacologically beneficial properties.

Thymoquinone has been developed as a stable, standardized and ready-to-use tablet by Intas for the first time in the world.

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