Formulation (Ingredients)

Thymotas is a patented research formulation containing the pure, standardized and active biological component of Nigella Sativa – Thymoquinone, which has a rich medicinal history of more than 2000 years. Most of Nigella Sativa's pharmacologically beneficial properties are attributed to Thymoquinone, an abundant compound in Nigella Sativa. Thymoquinone is an ideal adjuvant in high-risk individuals as it strengthens immunity. Moreover, in these pandemic times, Thymoquinone is also an ideal adjuvant to standard COVID-19 treatment protocols as it boosts recovery.

Nigella Sativa (Also known as Kalonji, Black cumin, Kali Jeera) is available in many forms but a standardized formulation of biologically active Thymoquinone was yet to be made available for the desired benefits. Thymotas 12.5mg is a patented research formulation by Intas that assures the desired pharmacological benefits in a convenient dosage form.